ZR 9.1: Stylish Setting Sheets

If you’re a veteran Runner 5, you’ll have memorised our run settings screens and be able to switch between GPS and Step Counting without a backward glance (helpful if you’re escaping zoms!).

But over the years, our settings have grown into a powerful but complicated list, so with this update, we’ve redesigned them on both Android and iPhone to make them easier to navigate and understand. Also, they’re just a lot nicer-looking now!

Tracking settings sheet animation up from the bottom of a mission screen

We’ve also renamed settings so they’re more understandable (Constant Pace is now Simulate Running, Built-in Player is now ZR Player), and made lots of other little improvements:

Screenshots of the Zombie Chases, Duration, and Musing setting sheets on Android

Run settings are accessed in exactly the same way as before, from the bottom of the Mission screen, and other than their appearance, they also behave in the same way – so don’t worry if you’ve already got your perfect system set up!

Also in 9.1

  • Redesigned News articles so they’re easier to view and faster to load
  • Android: Airdrop clips now play back correctly rather than continuously

We’re already hard at work on our 9.2 update, which will bring a dedicated Home Workout mode – and of course, we’ve been releasing Home Front missions and New Adventures almost every week!