Visit The City of the Future

Amid the zombie apocalypse, one Scottish city has mysteriously survived behind its high walls: New Oban, the “City of the Future”. Before you embark on your journey there for Die Rise, this year’s Halloween Virtual Race, find out what’s really happening in the New Oban City website!

Pixel art of a bullet train arriving at a futuristic city

There’s everything from the pre-apocalypse Why Choose New Oban? to the more up-to-date Community News and even the Redwood Heights Lifestyle Magazine!

The New Oban website is rendered in glorious pixel art (there’s a reason!) but we’ve also prepared a more readable version with all the same content.

And there’s more!

Check out Missions > Die Rise in the app for briefing letters from Sam and Janine – then sign up to VIP to enter Die Rise and two more Virtual Races launching in the next year plus instant access to ten past Virtual Races!