Race Medal Roundup!

Lots of things have changed since 2015. We’ve made 5 seasons of Zombies, Run!, created a board game and released a book!

We also started making our Virtual Races. The first race came out in October 2015 and now, in Spring 2020, we’re releasing our tenth Virtual Race, ‘Five’, where you will investigate the Abel Manor Murders and solve a crime that has been repeating down the generations.

In honour of this, we thought we’d do a roundup of ten races worth of medals!


A medal with a running figuresaying 2015

Virtual Race 1 sees Runner 5 take part in a friendly race against other survivor settlements, to be the first to claim a golden surprise! But the other participants might not be all that they seem.


A medal showing a stylised 5

In Virtual Race 2, you are part of an elite taskforce, sent to infiltrate a town under lockdown, and disarm a nuclear device that could wipe out the UK!


A medal showing a strand of  DNA

With a deadly train of flu sweeping the country, Virtual Race 3 sends you into the abandoned remains of a high-tech pharmaceutical company to find the vaccine! but there are more than zombies hunting you down!


A medal showing two crossed axes with stars around the edge of the medal

Virtual Race 4 sees you as part of the European Rescue Force, a squad dedicated to helping people trapped in emergency situations. You’re sent out to rescue a train caught in the middle of the Channel Tunnel, but there may be more going on than you realise.


A medal showing a running figure and a giant hand reaching for them

Virtual Race 5, our first Halloween race, sees you investigating the dark arts, when a monster is summoned through a D&D game gone awry! But can you trust everyone around you?


Join Sara Smith in Virtual Race 6, and go up against Xenobia, an infamous thief, who has their sights set on the Crown Jewels! But the mysterious Xenobia is a wily enemy. Can you escape their clutches?


A mysterious scientist. An island of horrors. A clock running down to your escape! Virtual Race 7 sends you to Tomorrow Island on the trail of a scientific discovery that could save thousands of lives. But the island is filled with horrific monsters, and they’re not always who you’d expect.


A rectangular medal that looks like a train ticket

It’s all aboard the New Oban Express in Virtual Race 8! A train at the cutting edge of technology makes its maiden voyage. But there’s a mysterious plague spreading through the country, and not everything on the train is up to code.


A circular medal showing a circus big top

Roll up! Roll up! It’s all the fun of the fair in Virtual Race 9! A mysterious funfair has come to town, promising respite from the undead hordes. But there are worse things than zombies in store behind the gates.


A medal that looks like a police badge

It’s here! The Virtual Race 10 medal takes the form of an investigator’s badge as you try to solve the centuries old mystery at the heart of Abel Manor.

Fear not, you still have time to get your hands on this medal by joining our race. Sign up now at https://zombiesvirtualrace.com/