Racelink Shutdown

Dear Runner,

We have sad news: we will be closing down Racelink this December. We’re incredibly proud of the virtual races we’ve created ourselves and run on behalf of charities like the British Science Association, Cancer Research UK, and Fight for Sight.

Thousands of you ran across the solar system in 10K and escaped from terrifying dinosaurs, getting fit and raising money for good causes. But sadly, as a business, Racelink hasn’t performed as well as we had hoped.

Our first step will be close entries to all Racelink events on Tuesday 3rd September – so if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to enter our Olympus Mons or buy a Volcano Race T-shirt, now’s your time.

We’ll then fully close down the Racelink and app on Tuesday 10th December, after which point it will no longer be possible to run Racelink events. All entrants to the Grand Canyon, Dino Dash, Volcano Race, and Olympus Mons races will be able to download the race audio.

We’ve really appreciated the chance to share our races with you, and we’re not giving up on the idea of combining storytelling and running! The spirit of Racelink will live on in our sister app Zombies, Run! as New Adventures, which will include selected Racelink events, along with brand new (non-zombie!) stories in the coming months and years.

Thanks for running with us,

The Racelink Team