Welcome to the Abel Runner’s Club + 8.0.5 update

Hello Runners! Today, we’re renaming our Pro Membership subscription to the Abel Runner’s Club.

We aren’t changing the price or anything else about our subscription, so if you’re wondering what happened to your Pro Membership or what this new Runner’s Club is, consider them the same thing: our monthly/annual subscription that unlocks all Zombies, Run! missions and features.

Later this year, we’ll be adding some exciting new benefits for members of the Abel Runner’s Club, so we wanted a fun new name to match – one that fits perfectly with the story we all love!

New in 8.0.5

This week we’re also releasing our 8.0.5 update, with a whole host of improvements!


  • New Adventures now gets its own section in the Codex, ready for Venus Rising
  • More reliable zombie chases
  • Back-to-back missions now work correctly
  • You can now cancel adding a building
  • Run share text no longer shows spoilers if you hadn’t completed the mission
  • Mission list captions now contain more relevant text
  • Redesigned Membership/Subscription screen


  • More reliable zombie chases
  • Improvements to playing back story clips from the mission screen
  • Redesigned Membership/Subscription screen
  • Improvements to how the Next Mission card on the home screen is displayed