Hey Siri, Raise the Gates!

That’s right – in our latest 7.1 iPhone update, you can now use Siri to start your next Zombies, Run! mission and specify just how long or far you’d like to run.

What’s cooler than that? Oh, how about creating a custom Siri Shortcut so you can say “Hey Siri, Raise the Gates!” to kick off your next adventure?

You can create Siri Shortcuts for lots of different mission types: just look for the Add to Siri button in the Run Complete screen, or go to your phone’s Settings > Siri & Search > All Shortcuts. This works on all phones running iOS 12+!

Using Siri isn’t just fun and fast, it’s really important for people who have difficulty using touchscreens. That’s why we’ve also improved VoiceOver and Screen Reader in 7.1, with descriptive labels for more elements and improved readout order.

Got a favourite moment of Jack and Eugene’s banter you want to revisit? Now you can, just by tapping the “Listen to XX Story Clips” in the mission details screen. We’ve expanded it from Story missions to include every Race, Radio, and Virtual Race mission, and it’s coming to iPhone and Android!

You want more? We got it!

New in 7.0.7 for Android

  • Redesigned Interval Training and Related Download screens
  • New offline license checking system
  • Louder zombie groans during chases
  • Clip playback and summaries for Race, Radio, and Virtual Races
  • Improved screen reader integration
  • Crash fixes, especially for Android 8+ 

New in 7.1 for iPhone

  • Redesigned Mission Category screen
  • Fixed the progress bar not updating on back-to-back missions
  • Improved handling of phone calls during missions
  • Clip playback and summaries for Race, Radio, and Virtual Races
  • Improved VoiceOver and Screen Reader integration
  • “Hey Siri, start a 7 kilometre mission in Zombies, Run!” now works
  • Siri Suggestions will help you start your next mission at the perfect time and place
  • Create Siri Shortcuts for your favourite run types

All these new features are free for everyone. Stay safe out there, Runner 5!