Help us test ZR7 on Android!

Hello! We’re planning to release ZR7 next month, and we’d like your help to test it on Android. It is jam-packed full of new features and redesigned screens, but we obviously want to make sure it all works! If you’d like to help, join our new Google+ Beta Testing community.

Once you’ve successfully joined, you’ll then have to opt-in to receive beta builds using the link shown in the community.

The usual disclaimers apply!

  • You agree that Six to Start isn’t liable for any data loss or harm, and that you’ll definitely make sure you’re fully synced with ZombieLink before you start! This isn’t for the fainthearted.
  • You also agree to provide useful feedback about any problems or unexpected behaviour you encounter, and not to share any information about pre-release builds.
  • Testing beta software carries some risks. Six to Start will not be liable for any loss suffered as a result of using beta versions of the app. If you understand this and wish to proceed, only then should you follow the link.