June Community Roundup

Six to Start News

  • Our crowd investment campaign is still in full swing! We’ve hit 60% funded, so head over if you’re interested and located anywhere in the world, except Japan & Canada.
  • Speaking of which, we can now accept investments from US accredited investors! We know a lot of you are located in little old America, so we’ve worked hard to open this up to you.
  • Racelink has joined forces with Stand Up for Cancer so you can race against Mel C, Bill Bailey, Ore Oduba and Edith Bowman in Celeb Chase Virtual Race!
  • Season 6 will be taking its scheduled hiatus after episode 20, before returning later in the summer. You’ve been warned – eke out your episodes accordingly. Or you know, binge them all and then wait eagerly for the conclusion.

Podcasts & Videos

Podcast Detected has a few new episodes for your delectation, including a few bonus episodes covering the mysterious topic of “Zombology”.

Over at Rofflenet, flschleiss wrote & recorded “Sam You’re All I’ve Got”, a fantastic song for everybody’s favourite Radio Operator!

Arts & Crafts


We have something a bit different this month – 94knps over at Rofflenet posted this incredible supply cache he made for his girlfriend. Check out all the images to see what was included!


The Lost Papers of Abel Township is an undeniably cool project. It’s a unique take on fanfiction, crafted around “found” documents from Runner Five, including diary entries. I can’t wait see what else they come up with!

Prom by erbinnerdgirl5 is an adorable fanfic where – you guessed it! – Abel holds its first ever prom. This is a lot of fun to read amidst the darkness of Season 6!

But to return us to that same dark, Digna Factis Recipimus by bbelladonna is a fantastic exploration of the kind of nightmares Five might have after all they’ve seen. Be warned – the current chapter has spoilers up to Season 3, and bbelladonna plans to continue through all the seasons in this style.