Boardgame Card Designs Preview

Matt here – Lead Designer of the Zombies, Run! Board Game!:

We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks here, as we’ve started receiving the first sets of materials from our manufacturing partner, and we’re getting ready to run demos of the game at the UK Games Expo in early June.

I could write a lot about the new card designs, the dummy box, the story artefacts, and everything, but a) it’s early b) I haven’t had my coffee yet and c) Adrian filmed me talking about it all for like 20 minutes yesterday so you should probably just watch the video instead. 

Check it out to see new card designs, a sneak peek at secret puzzles, and my hair, which has discovered how to escape the earth’s gravitational pull. Then pre-order the game, if you haven’t already – it’s only $36, which is frankly criminally low-priced!