Send us your stories!

Amazingly, we’re approaching the fifth anniversary of Zombies, Run! That’s right, Zombies, Run! launched all the way back on February 27th, 2012.

We’ve all run a long way since then, so as part of our celebrations at the end of this month, we’d love to share your stories of what Zombies, Run! means to you. You can send us your stories in three ways:

  1. Upload a voice recording (or pictures, even!)
  2. Leave a voicemail on +1 315-895-1949
  3. Write to us via Google Form

If you’re looking for inspiration, why not tell us about:

  • Your favorite characters
  • The first time you ran with Zombies, Run!
  • How it’s changed your health and fitness
  • Your scariest or funniest experiences
  • The most memorable mission you’ve run

We’ll aim to share your stories on our blog, Facebook, and website. We’re really looking forward to hearing and reading them!