January Community Roundup

Six to Start News

  • Spring Virtual Race – The new Virtual Race is here! This time, a train has crashed in the Channel Tunnel, with 500 souls and 1 zombie onboard. You’ll be playing as Rescue Five, part the European Rescue Force, to save them. You can head over to our Virtual Race site for more info!
  • The Zombies, Run! comic book – With Kascha Sweeney’s fantastic artwork, we’re all really excited about how this comic book edition of Jolly Alpha Five Niner is shaping up. It’s exclusive to the Spring Virtual Race, and you can see a sneak preview here on our blog.
  • Introducing Racelink – We’ve just launched our new platform for charities and brands to create their own Virtual Races. You can read our Racelink blog post to learn more about it. Our first races are with the British Science Association for the free-to-enter Run the Solar System race and the Spy Virtual Race for Macmillan, both of which we’ve loved working on!
  • Season 6 release – You can look forward to more Zombies, Run! episodes in April. What exciting twists and turns does Season 6 hold? Well, that would be telling, but we just know you’re going to love it.


Zombie Christmas Carols

Over on Rofflenet, some poetic Runners 5 were found singing Zombies, Run! themed Christmas carols. This is a small selection for you to enjoy!

By jozzowozzo, to the tune of Jingle Bells:

Dashing through the woods, Runners 4 and 6 by my side,
trying to run missions, while watching each other’s hides!
Moans from zombies ring, making our hearts race,
what fun it is to get to Abel before they close the gates.

Oh! Zombies, Run! We have fun,
keeping the zoms away,
collecting bras and tins of food
and ammo all the day!
Zombies, Run! We have fun,
keeping the zoms away,
keeping Abel safe and sound
from the undead scourge all day!

By sandpiper, with season one spoilers and to the tune of O, Christmas Tree:

O Runner 5, O Runner 5
How massive is thy backpack
You run so fast, or briskly walk
One thing’s for sure, you never talk
O Runner 5, O Runner 5
List’ning to Eugene and Jack

O Runner 5, O Runner 5
Much sports bras dost thou bring us!
With ev’ry mission, Runner 5
Helps Abel Township to survive!
O Runner 5, O Runner 5
Patrols the walls that ring us.

O Runner 5, O Runner 5
How strong thy glutes and hamstrings
You ran the night in Season One
When nearly killed by New Canton
O Runner 5, O Runner 5
Thy legs are sore and aching

O Runner 5, O Runner 5
Demons and Darkness world champ
Thanks to you, who are so nice,
We finally got 12-sided dice
O Runner 5, O Runner 5
Playing late by oil lamp.

O Runner 5, O Runner 5
Out dodging zoms by starlight
Sam Yao quite often has expressed
Of all his runners, you’re the best,
O Runner 5, O Runner 5
I bet you brought back Marmite.

By guyandd, to the tune of Frosty the Snowman:

Zombies are no fun,
They clutter up the place.
With their missing limbs
and their gruesome grins,
What a truly loathsome face!

Oh, Zombies are no fun
They are such a bloody pain.
Shambling here and there,
Somewhat unaware,
Runners chase and zoms are slain.

There just might be a hatchet,
In that backpack 5 just found.
And 5 get ready to use it,
Cause the Zoms are back in town!

Oh Zombies are no fun,
They aim to give us chase.
I’d like to sit and chat but
Grab your baseball bat,
we’ve got Zombies to displace.
We’ve got Zombies to displaaaace!


At one point or other, we’ve all asked ourselves what Runner 5 is keeping in that notebook. The Notebook by Jazoriah answers that question, and weaves it into a story of how Abel Township will always pull together for someone in need.

Humid Summer’s Afternoon by Elford fills the gap between episodes 48 and 49. It’s a great piece, especially given it is their first submission to Archive of Our Own!

There’s never enough Archie Jensen in the world, and Friend in the Field by winterhill sees Archie and Runner 5 bonding after getting stuck outside overnight with injuries.

Unstoppable by Sie_TheRunner5 is a Season 2 re-write. It’s impressive in scope, and brilliantly written. It’s only 2 chapters in at the moment, so you can jump in now without playing catch-up!

Stay safe out there!