Zombies, Run! The Book Club


With the release of our very own Zombies, Run! Book last month, the Township is celebrating with a new Abel Book Club, a.k.a the End of the World Book Club.

Every week you’ll find a new post on each section of the book. We’ll have pictures of how we filled the book in, of the gorgeous art included within, as well as discussions on the Ministry of Recovery’s advice. But, of course, we also want to know what all you Runners 5 out there think!

The book club will be taking place in our GoodReads group, ready to begin reading next week. If you don’t have a GoodReads account, we recommend joining, but you can still read all the posts even if you aren’t registered!

Want to join us by reading along? All you need is a copy of the book! You can purchase a special signed edition hardback from our store, or a paperback copy from Amazon & any good bookshop.

On top of that, we’ll also have interviews with Naomi Alderman, lead writer of the book, and Kascha Sweeney, who provided the illustrations! We want to answer your questions – so Tweet us using the #zrbook hashtag, and we’ll pick out our favourites.

Look at for the first post on November 30th, when we’ll be discussing Home Front, the first section!

November Community Roundup


Werewolf Five and Vampire Sam by muterunner5

It’s been a while since our last community roundup – but don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. We’ve been keeping an eye on the fandom all year, and have loved seeing what Zombies, Run! has inspired. Here’s a smattering of excellent offerings from the community!

Virtual Race

It’s been a little over three weeks since we finished our third Virtual Race! With over 5,000 participants, this was our biggest yet! If you wanted to get decked out, but didn’t get the chance to participate, the Fall Virtual Race t-shirts are available in store. We hoped you enjoyed the story, and we sure loved getting pictures of Runners 5 at the finish line – so much, in fact, that we’ve included some of those pictures below.

For other news on what Six to Start has been up to, you can check out our most recent State of the Township post here!

Fan Podcast

The lovely people who run the fan podcast “Podcast Detected” are looking for new people to join their team so they can get back to releasing new episodes! You can find all the information on their Tumblr if it sounds like something you’d want to get onboard with. 

Lizz of Podcast Detected is also looking for someone to take over her “Things my ZR playlist did” Tumblr.



Runner Five Sports Bra Fixation Confirmed by sonybaloney-art


Moonchild by phantom-spook


Comic #5: Motivation by ricky-hawkins 


Fix You by muterunner5 – view the rest of the images in this series

Virtual Race Pictures

As promised, here’s a pick of the pictures people posted on Rofflenet (try saying that ten times fast!).


nlinindoll & David finished the race with their personal bests for 10k!


thedarkgrove finishing up the race with a well deserved cold beverage and the obligatory Curly Wurly


As soon as he finished the Fall race, faadinc was raring for the next one

If you have a picture of you and your medal, don’t forget to head over to Rofflenet to post it!


The perfect counter to everyone dressing up as zombies for Halloween…


Jill’s Runner 6 outfit is fantastic – full of detail, and her trophy head would strike fear into the heart of any zombie unfortunate enough to encounter her.


pekasairroc dressed up as Runner 5 for her Virtual Race 5k, which she completed around Halloween. We just hope those bright colours don’t attract too many zombies…

Last but not least, runner-five5′s Runner 5 knows her way around that axe, if her blood-stained shirt is anything to go by.


There’s plenty more fantastic fanfiction out there from this year, but this is just a taste. Everyone needs a few happy tales to recover from the rollercoaster of Season 5, and what better than some writing from the fandom?

First up, we have the lovely Tables and Chairs by idiopathicsmile from much earlier this year. A cheerful Jack/Eugene on-shot that takes place before they reach Abel Township, and idiopathicsmile captures their voices brilliantly.

Codex by Cana_banana lets us into the stories behind some of the items in the game. There are only two chapters at the moment, but we can’t wait to see what other stories this writer comes up. 

Want some sweetness with your Zombies, Run!? Check out Excursion by ZaliaChimera, which has Simon Lauchlan trying to coax some rule breaking out of Janine.

Stay safe out there!

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