22 Days Later: Board Game Updates

Do I like this? 

Oh, yes.

– Thomas Deeny, Purple Pawn

This looks like a great adaptation!

– Paul Dean, Shut Up and Sit Down

Three weeks. 1700 backers. £87,000. Our board game Kickstarter has been progressing more rapidly than a team of Runners Five chasing a sports bra delivery van. 

Since we launched, we’ve released an extended gameplay video, received our first press preview, been featured in the games news on Shut Up and Sit Down, and announced our first set of Stretch Goals! Oh, yes – we’ve also been hard at work making the game! It’s been a hectic few weeks, but we’re really pleased with our progress so far. 

If you haven’t had a gander yet, head over to the Kickstarter project to find out more about why this board game is going to do for your table top what Zombies, Run! did for your running track.