Last chance to enter the Fall 2016 Virtual Race!


With just a month to go until the Fall 2016 Virtual Race, now’s your last chance to get your pack before the race starts! We’re starting to ship orders now, so make sure you get your order in by Friday 16th September to have the best chance of getting your t-shirt and medal on time.

If you can’t order before then, don’t worry – we’re going to continue taking orders for the next few weeks, and you’ll still be able to play the race missions once they’re released, even before your pack arrives.

Secure your place now!

We’ve upped our game for this Virtual Race, with our best-ever Pro-spec T-shirts, medals, and certificates! And for the first time, entrants will see even deeper into the world of Zombies, Run!, through some very special and very secret treats…

Head to the Virtual Race site now to sign up!