Virtual Races free until 30 August!


Missed the last two Virtual Races? Want a taste of the experience before signing up for the Fall 2016 race? Good news – both the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 races are free to play until 30th August! Head to the missions tab in the app to try them out.

Take on a very special run for Sam in the Fall 2015 mission, as you enter the first ever inter-township race!

Plus, in the Spring 2016 Virtual Race, you become Operative 5 in the early days of the apocalypse. Your mission is to save the United Kingdom from total disaster, by any means necessary…

We hope you have fun with these virtual races, and if you enjoyed this experience, entries are still available for the all-new Fall 2016 Virtual Race. Check the news post in-app or visit the Virtual Race site for more details!

If you can’t see the missions, restart your device, then open the app while connected to the internet. This refreshes the app data and usually takes 10-60 seconds.