5k and Marathon Training Plans

We’ve just released two brand new Training Plans! You can enrol in the 5k Expert and Marathon Beginner plans on the Training Plans screen, and as always, they’re free for all players.

Alongside these training plans, we’re rolling out updates on iPhone, Android, and ZombieLink:

On iPhone, our 5.0.1 update features:

  • Fixes for crashes on iPhone 4s and iPhone 6 Plus (particularly for those with very large bases)
  • Startup speed and app performance improvements for everyone
  • Improved graphs on statistics page

We also intend to release a 5.0.2 update for iPhone that will eliminate a rare crash that occurs when navigating the app.

On Android, our 5.0.3 update features:

  • Significant improvements to performance
  • Bug fixes for never-ending chases, Training Plan logic, base building rendering, and much more.

On ZombieLink, we’ve added Runkeeper syncing! You’d better believe it – after a long absence, it should now work for both auto and manual sharing.