Season 5 is coming April 20th

That’s right, in under two weeks, we’ll be launching Season Five and continuing the epic story of Zombies, Run! We’re not going to reveal any spoilers – but here’s a sneak peek at the Season 5 Mission 1′s artwork, courtesy of Kascha Sweeney. What could it mean?!?!

Naomi Alderman, co-creator and lead writer, has plenty in store for you:

I’m so thrilled that we’re releasing Season Five of Zombies, Run! this year – we never would have thought when we started that we’d get to have a fifth season! Season Five is ringing the changes: with Abel in danger, the country at risk and enemies massing on every side. Runner Five will be travelling further than ever before in search of help, answers and of course precious sports bras. 

You’ll have to make new allies – and win round old enemies. You’ll discover more secrets – and learn the truth about some people you might have thought you knew. You’ll encounter zombies stranger than any you’ve seen before. 

And through it all, Runner Five, you’ll have to run!

Naturally, we’ll be releasing a 5.0 update for iPhone and Android – but this year, Season 5′s release won’t depend on that update due to improvements in how ZombieLink communicates with the apps.

Season 5. Runner 5. It’s going to be good.

The Spring 2016 Virtual Race is Under Way!


The leaderboard so far…

The Spring 2016 Virtual Race is happening right now, with almost 1500 entries already recorded on the official leaderboard! Thanks to all who have finished the race so far, and good luck to everyone taking part! Remember, you can run the race as many times as you wish during the race period (30 March – 11 April), so you can keep improving those times!

We’ve also set up a brand new tracker of the average results by country – Austria is currently leading the pack with an average time of 21 Minutes and 55 Seconds. You can see where your country ranks on the leaderboard.

In other Zombies, Run! news: stay tuned for a big Season 5 announcement very soon…