S5 M3 & 4 Released


Forget your Jon Snow and your White Walkers. We’ve got Runner Five and the Zombies. Who cares about The Governor when you’ve got The Minister? Does any character in any medium even compare to Sam Yao? While we’re releasing, everyone else better step back. And we’ve got two hot new missions for you this week. 

S5M3: Thorn In My Side

S5M4: Hanging On The Telephone

We are not playing with these. Abel needs you, Runner Five. Get after it. 

If you’re a pro member, you can get both of these right now and run them before you eat your next meal. Otherwise, you can unlock either one right now with your free weekly unlock and save the other as a treat for later. 

Let us know what you think in the comments or on twitter (zombiesrungame) and stay safe out there!