Season Five. It’s here.

You know the old sayings; The best things come in Fives. Five’s company. A bird in the hand is worth Five in the bush. Here’s a new one: Zombies, Run! Season Five launches today

Runner Five. Season Five. It’s no coincidence that this is the most thrilling, most unexpected and brilliant season of Zombies, Run! to date. There are shocks, struggles and surprises galore awaiting you this season. Are you ready? No. Whatever you think, you are not ready for this. But here it is anyway. 

You can download missions one and two of Season Five right now from the ‘Missions’ tab in your Zombies, Run! app, even without needing to upgrade. If you’re a pro member, you can download and play both missions immediately. Otherwise, you can use your free weekly unlock to play either of these missions. 

So lace up your shoes, eat five curly-wurlies, construct a protective shield out of sports bras, and get out there. Abel needs you, Runner Five.