Try the 2015 Virtual Race for Free!

As you’ve surely heard, entries are currently open for the Spring 2016 Virtual Race! You can find all of the details on the Virtual Race site, but in short, it’s a thrilling 5k/10k race you can run anywhere you are.

To whet your appetite, the 2015 Virtual Race is FREE for a limited period! Check the ‘Virtual Race’ category in the missions list for your free download.

It’s a race against time – and two rival settlements – to find some sweet treasure! There’s a vast booty of pristine candy that Abel Township residents are desperate to gain. Are you fast enough to win the day for Sam, and Abel?

If you can’t already see the ‘Virtual Race’ category on the Missions screen, simply restart your device, and it should appear the next time you run the app while connected to the internet.