December Community Roundup

Jack-o-Lantern by runningalchemist

It’s all gone a bit holly-jolly at Six to Start headquarters. Partly because we’ve put up our office Christmas tree and begun feasting on mince pies whenever we can, but mostly because of all the wonderful things that have been happening in the Zombies, Run! universe over the past few weeks. 

Six to Start News

Even though Season Four has long since had its finale, the past few weeks at Six to Start have seen everyone beavering away busily on our favourite running game. We brought you a virtual racetraining plans, Apple Watch support and a sneak peak at our Virtual Race for Spring 2016. But, as ever, the best things about ZR have been produced by all of you! Take a look at some of them below the readmore. 

General Fandommery

Our new favourite fanblog for Zombies, Run! is Incorrect Zombies, Run! Quotes, which attributes quotes from other works to characters from ZR. With invariably hilarious results. Minor spoilers within for character names / implied character traits up to the end of Season Four, but well worth a browse if you can! 

Sam Yaos has been creating hilarious specialist coffees based on ZR characters, inspired by popular ZR AU idea “Cafe Abel” where everyone works in a cafe because of course. I think my favourite is the Salty Canadian, for so many reasons. 

The Unofficial Zombies, Run! Podcast: Podcast Detected has released its latest episode, which is all about everyone’s favourite post-apoc-doc: Maxine Myers. As always, a must-listen for all you Runners Five. 


Here are some of our favourite fics from the past few weeks: 

The Story With The Egg by collected-sports-bra

Sam Betrays Abel by cutiekalina

Your Still Frame by beastofthehoof


Runner Five by poetisktdraws

Made a Friend by pyrokinesiss

An Unimportant Mission by typelikemad

That’s all from us, folks! We hope everyone reading this has a wonderful holiday period, and stays safe out there!