2 Million Celebration

There are now two million people who’ve bought or downloaded Zombies, Run! That’s two million people who have run with Sam’s voice in their ears. 

Two million people who have heard “zombies detected!” and run like the wind. 

Two million people who’ve run the extra mile to get the supplies, to warn the settlement, to save the child, to help Abel Township. 

Two million people who could’ve woken up on a rainy Sunday morning and decided, yes, I want to find out what happens next, I want to have fun. I want to get out and run. 

Two million Runners Five. 

Thank you all so much for running with us. To celebrate, we’re running a series of posts about the milestone over the next few days. 

Our first is a big behind-the-scenes look at how far the game has come, with lots of fun details and stats!