Call for Audio – Tell us your ZR Story


Rhys Jennings and Nathan Nolan in their first Zombies, Run! recording session. Fancy joining them?

To celebrate our upcoming 2 million downloads milestone, we want to hear all about your experiences with Zombies, Run! 

Simply record yourself answering the questions below and send them to matt at in the audio format of your choice. You don’t have to answer all the questions, and you can say as much or as little as you like. For the best chance of your audio being featured, check out the audio recording tips below. 

Please also read the important details at the bottom of this post before submitting. 

Questions, recording tips and more beneath the readmore!


1) Introduce yourself! Say hello, tell us your name (whatever name you like) and give us one vital statistic about your time with Zombies, Run! – How many missions have you completed? How much distance have you covered? How long have you been playing?

“Hi, I’m Matt and I’ve run 243km with Zombies, Run!”

2) Do your best “Raise the gates!” impression.

3) If you had to sell Zombies, Run! to a friend in thirty seconds, how would you do it?

“It’s an awesome audio adventure story that puts you in a Zombie Apocalypse where you’re surrounded by characters you’ll fall in love with while you go on thrilling adventures!”

4) Tell us a little bit about your first time running with Zombies, Run!

5) What personal fitness goals have you achieved using Zombies, Run! ?

6) What’s your favourite line from Zombies, Run! ?

7) Which Zombies, Run! character do you most relate to and why?

“I really relate to Runner Four because she gets scared and finds things hard, but she always does things anyway.”

8) What’s your favourite song to run to?

9) Tell us something about your Runner Five.

“My Runner Five used to be a minor league baseball player who moved over to the UK to teach gym at a private school. That means he swings a mean baseball bat and can always take down a zom!”

10) Tell us your favourite Zombies, Run! Headcanon (the thing you imagine about the Zombies, Run! world or characters that isn’t officially part of the story).

“I think Janine’s Farmhouse has a big stone oven in it that doesn’t work anymore (they don’t have the fuel), but she uses it to store all her favourite books so Sam doesn’t take them.”

Recording Tips

Here are some top tips for getting good, clean recordings with the equipment you have to hand:

  1. Try to record in a quiet place where we won’t hear any background noise. If there’s a room in your house that doesn’t face the street, or a closet with lots of clothes in, that’s your spot!
  2. Try to record in a smaller place which doesn’t have many hard surfaces in. Bathrooms are a no-no, as are big open living rooms. If you have a room with lots of soft furnishings, that’s your spot!
  3. Try to “close off” the sound around your microphone. If you can get yourself under a duvet with your microphone / laptop / phone, that’s your spot!
  4. Try to speak evenly and clearly. Don’t shout. If you can, do a test recording of yourself speaking at a normal level, then listen back to it. If you sound too quiet, try moving the microphone closer rather than speaking louder. If you hear your voice distort or break up, moving the microphone a little further away or speaking more quietly.
  5. Have fun! Don’t worry about sounding silly or going on too long – we’ll edit the audio to make sure you sound great. Let us worry about that. We just want to hear you expressing yourself and having a good time telling us all about your experiences with Zombies, Run!

Important Details

  • Answer as many or as few of the questions as you wish, in whatever order you like. Have fun!
  • We can’t guarantee that we’ll use everyone’s submissions, but we’ll definitely be listening to them all!
  • We will be editing your submissions to fit into the completed piece and to make everyone sound as good as possible – by submitting your audio to us you agree to us doing so. 
  • By submitting a clip to us for this project, you agree to assign all copyright and ownership rights to Six to Start, so that we can make use of it as we see fit.
  • Submit your completed recordings by email to matt at in the audio format of your choice. Please include a note to let us know how you’d like to be credited should we choose to feature you. This doesn’t need to be your legal name, just however you want to be recognised. 
  • Submissions will close at 22:30 BST (21:30 UTC) on Sunday 20th September 2015. Any submissions received after this date will be deleted unopened.