Season 4 may be on hiatus, but we’re still cooking up new stuff. We can’t stop!

Here’s a quick look at some of the new features we’ve rolled out, with plenty more to come.

Edit, Delete, and Sync Runs (iOS, Android, Web)


One of the most requested ZombieLink features is now available on all platforms – editing and removing runs now syncs in both directions! 

No more incorrect distances, no more annoying 5 second run logs… just make your changes, sync, and it’ll be the same everywhere you look. It’s the kind of syncing that makes you go ‘yep, that worked’.

Do The Splits (iOS)


We’ve also unveiled another brand new feature – split times.

When you use GPS tracking, it’s now easier than ever to get an overview of how your pace changes throughout your run. You can check out your split times at the end of your mission, or at any time on the run logs screen. And we’ll be bringing split times to Android in the future!

Plus we’ve added autosharing and improved GPS tracking and zombie chases on iOS, and added more zombie chase options on Android!