I binge ran the last four missions of Season One (SEASON ONE DONE! AHHHHHHH!) for a total of 6.12 miles, so this question came to mind: What’s the furthest any of the creators of the game have ever ran?

Good question! We asked around the office:

I don’t think 1500m at highschool is that impressive… though I have skated the le Mans racetrack in a 24hr relay race…

– Jez (Developer)

i did couch-to-5k then returned to the couch

– Brad (QA, Support, Design)

Unfortunately my running career was cut short by the development of knee troubles as a young teen, but even before then I was definitely more of a sprinter than a distance runner, so my longest run is a lowly 1500m! I have done endurance swims of several miles in the past though. 🙂

– Lou (QA, Support)

4:15 – although littered with obstacles so it was not one long continuous run

– Marcel (Developer)

I’ve run two half-marathons, not great times but felt satisfying finishing them

– Sophie (Office Manager)

I am *by no means* a brilliant runner. The furthest I’ve ever jogged in one go is about a mile, but I have walked something like 15 miles in a day sometimes. And let me tell you, there was this one train that I caught even though I arrived at the station *with less than 60 seconds before the doors closed*, so I was pretty proud of myself that day, I can tell you.

– Naomi (Co-Creator and Lead Writer)

My longest race distance is a half-marathon, but I’m pretty sure I did a 26k run in Oxford when I was training!

– Adrian (Co-Creator and CEO)