July Community Roundup


Fireworks arc into the air. Flags wave in the wind. Blog authors are unable to resist endless movie references (seriously you’ll get sick of them soon). Welcome to the Independence Day weekend Zombies, Run! Community Roundup Post.

Before we get started, let’s all take a moment to celebrate the fact that everyone’s favourite Doctor Girlfriends could now get married anywhere in the United States with a classic piece of loveliness from The Wondersmith


Good Job America by thewondersmith

Amazing. Here we go. 

Six to Start News

We’re horribly excited to announce that two of us from here at Six to Start will be appearing at this year’s Nine Worlds Conference in London from 7th – 9th August 2015: Adrian Hon (ZR co-creator, Six to Start CEO) and Matt Wieteska (Audio Director, Writer of Radio Abel, Me). We’ll both be speaking in various panels across the three days, so come and say hi! 

But that’s not all! The ZR writing team will be out in full force, with Naomi Alderman (ZR co-creator and Lead Writer) and Rebecca Levene both attending. Finally, some of the ZR cast are also on panels, so there’s plenty of Zombies, Run! related reasons to come along. 

You can find more information about the Nine Worlds schedule here. If you’re coming along, be sure to tweet us to let us know.

This Month in the Fandom

… has been absolutely ridiculous. I’ve never seen so much wonderful art, writing and discussion. Seriously, putting this post together has taken about three times longer than ever before because it was so hard to decide what to put in. You all need to be a touch less amazing or my pride centre is going to explode. Hit up the readmore to find a taste of what this fantastic fandom has been up to since we launched the All-New Zombies, Run!


Couldn’t let you through without a bit more holiday-appropriate giffage. On with the art!


So much stunning artwork this month. Check this stuff out.


Draw Yourself As Runner Five by sredmund


But oh babe, I really wish you would not cry by typelikemad


Haunted House Meme by muterunner5


F**k off Runner #5 by artithon


Runner Five Morse Code by templait

This is less than 1/10th of the amazing artwork that was created by the community this month. Seriously, you are all far too talented and generous with your wonderful art. Rock on. 


As with the artwork, there’s been so much fantastic writing from the fandom in the past month that I’ve really struggled to pick out my favourites, but here they are!

First up, we have a lovely look at a post-Voice-in-the-Dark conversation between Sam and Runner Five by ask-abelsrunner5-jeren

Next, please go read this utterly adorable take on the moment Jack finds a prosthetic leg for Eugene by iwillplaythefool

As Zombies, Run! fic often is, this piece by Zephyros22 about Alice’s final message to Sam is completely heartbreaking and wonderful. 

Spoilers in this next piece up to S4M14, but anyone who’s past that point absolutely must read thetalkingcrocus on a certain hippy and a certain runner. It’s been stuck in my brain since I read it.

As a counterpoint to all the pain in the last two pieces, have some tear-inducingly sweet fic set after the end of Season Three Radio Mode. Straydog733 just completely nailing it here.  

Finally, a special bonus extra favourite from this month. The amazing runningalchemist has been writing pieces of Rajit’s infamous Novel and it’s exactly as delicious as you’d imagine. So. Good. 

Phew! That’s it for this month. Zombies, Run! Fandom: you are utterly fabulous. If there’s any fan work you’d like to draw my attention to for the next Community Roundup, drop me an email to matt at sixtostart dot com.