March Community Roundup

Collected a Sports Bra by run-like-a-zombie

Collected a Sports Bra by Run-like-a-zombie

It’s Friday! That means it’s time to grab the curly-wurlies hidden at the back of your desk drawer, put your feet up and enjoy a relaxing look at the month-that-was in the Zombies, Run! fandom. 


  1. Six to Start is coming to New York! If you fancy coming to meet us for a drink or two, we’ll be at Stitch Bar, 247 West 37th Street in Manhattan from 7.30 on March 31st. 
  2. It was Runner Five’s birthday! Also we gave you a sneak peak at our In-App Mission Previews. 
  3. We officially announced Season Four! This was the big one, with a huge amount of detail in the announcement post and our follow up about Season One.

Audio Highlights

Up next, we have some utterly fantastic audio fan works this month. For obvious reasons, we’re huge fans of audio here at Six to Start, and it’s incredibly exciting for us to listen to such incredible audio created by our fans! 

Radio Breet broadcast their pilot episode this month – a really exciting original work which gives us an entirely new (and grisly!) spin on the “people in a comms cabin” idea. A lot of love and attention has clearly gone into making this, and its well worth a listen! We can’t wait to tune in to the next episode. 

Mary Crowell sent us this astonishingly catchy number about all the trials and tribulations of being Runner Five. I’ve woken up three times in the past week with this one stuck in my head. Amazing. Also, don’t say I didn’t warn you about this earworm.

Rolling on with the musical theme, check out this window-rattling remix of Season Two Mission Twenty [WARNING: SPOILERS FOR S2M20]. There’s only one thing we like more than a bit of heavy bass, and that’s listening to Major De Santa kicking ass. So you can imagine how excited we were to get both things in the same white-hot audio wonder. Excellent work, GoAbelRunner5!

Finally, we have your monthly installment of Podcast Detected! This time, the team are taking us through all their most emotional moments from the past three seasons, from weeping when Maxine hears [SPOILER REDACTED] to getting angry at [SPOILER REDACTED] and being relieved when Eugene [SPOILER REDACTED]. As usual, it’s massively enjoyable and great fun to listen to, even if this episode stirred up a lot of strong feelings! For the record, I miss Mildred Van Der Graff as well.

Art Highlights

There’s been so much amazing art from our fans this month. Here are just a few of the pieces we’ve gotten a real kick out of.

Tiny Sam Eats a Cake by did-you-reboot

Tiny Sam Eats a Cake by Did-you-reboot.

Limelight by soupwhale

Limelight by Soupwhale.

I'll spin for you by crownleys

I’ll Spin For You by Crownleys.

Fic Highlights

Holy wow has this been a month for Radio Boyfriends-related fic and feels. Check this stuff out:

  1. This Hunger-Games themed fic about all our ZR favourites is utterly heart-breaking and fantastic. Oh god. So good. Great work, straydog733!
  2. Compass by chosekiei is a wonderful fic that really captures the fear and tension of those early days post-outbreak. Lovely stuff!
  3. Finally, this piece by Thisislizz gives us an intriguing and emotional look at Runner Five’s inner life both before and immediately after day zero. The structure of this piece really amplifies its emotional impact nicely – read it!

As usual, if there’s anything you’d like to recommend for next month’s Community roundup, drop me a line at matt at sixtostart dot com.