Happy Birthday, Runner Five!

That’s right, today is the three-year anniversary of ZR’s release to an unsuspecting world. Three years of Sam, three years of close escapes and three years of our now-infamous “crying-while-running” experience. 

It’s been an utterly amazing three years. We’ve gone from twenty-three missions to one hundred and fifty, from 3,464 Kickstarter backers to over one million players, and from bedroom-recorded passion project to the most successful fitness game in history. We could not have done this without you all. We love you, Runners Five. Happy birthday. 

To celebrate our birthday and to thank all our fans, we thought we’d share a sneak peek at something we’re really excited to bring to the next version of Zombies, Run! this spring: In-App Mission Previews! 

One of the biggest reasons for ZR’s success in the past three years has been how Naomi’s compelling, addictive story encourages you to get out there and run in order to find out what happens next. 

That’s why, this Spring, you’ll be able to hear an in-app audio preview of the next mission right there at the end of your run, including heart-pounding scores by our expert composer Ben Miles. We’re making these previews for every single mission – from the start of Season 1 all the way through to Season 4. Check out the preview videos in this post – we think they’re pretty damn exciting. 

We’re also working hard on making Zombies, Run! look even more beautiful than ever, with our amazing artist Estee Chan creating stunning art banners for every mission in the game. 

You can catch a sneak preview of these gorgeous pieces in the videos we’ve attached to this post. We hope you think they’re as wonderful as we do!

These two new features are just a selection of the massive improvements we’re making this Spring. We’ll be sharing more details on the rest in an upcoming blogpost, so keep your eyes peeled and make sure you’re following @zombiesrungame for all the latest news.