Zombies, Run! Live: Update

New York based Runners Five: skip to the italicised section at the bottom of this post – we’re coming to visit! 

We’re now just over a week out from what is sure to be the best thing to have ever happened in the history of things happening: Zombies, Run! Live at the V&A  Friday Late.

It’s all going down a week on Friday (30th January) at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and we’re ridiculously excited to host an amazing event and to meet all of you awesome Runners Five who are heading out to attend. 


(Image: V&A Friday Late flyer, courtesy V&A Museum)

In fact, we’re so damn excited to meet you that we’re looking for a couple of Zombies, Run! fans to volunteer to help us out at the event. If you’re interested in being part of making this event go off with a bang louder than [SPOILERS REDACTED], then here’s what you need to know: 

  • You’ll need to attend the event in costume as Runner Five
  • You’ll need to be able to be at the V&A by 3pm on the day of the event
  • You need to email matt@sixtostart.com to put yourself forward. Volunteering doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll end up asking you to help, but we can’t ask you to help if you don’t volunteer!
  • We’ll get in touch with the people we’d like to help out to organise further details. 


We’re going to be visiting New York at the end of March! Our provisional plan is to host an informal (but super-fun) drinks-and-chat-meetup at a nice bar somewhere in Manhattan on the evening of Tuesday March 31st. We’ll confirm these details a bit later but for now, pencil that date in your diary if you fancy meeting some of the creators of ZR and your fellow Runners Five!