Raise The Gates!

It’s a cry that has echoed in every runner’s ears; from Abel to New Canton, Brunswick to Skoobs, “Raise The Gates” is the universal signal to get ready for what’s to come. Which is why we thought it’d would be the perfect sound to ring in 2015.

OK, we’re a few days late. But we also bringing more than just one “Raise The Gates”. We’ve actually got all of them. That’s right. Every single “Raise The Gates” from every single Zombies, Run! story mission. All assembled in the supercut video at the top of this post. We should note that there are minor implied spoilers in this video for the whole of the main story, so watch with a little caution if you’re very spoiler averse and not up to date. 

So, Runners everywhere, gather with us and start the year the way you mean to continue it: by Raising Those Gates. 

And, for all of our UK Runners Five, this is official notice to save the evening of January 30th 2015. We’ll be appearing with a special free live event a the Victoria and Albert museum in London. We’ll be back in touch on Monday with more details on exactly what’s going to go down, but you won’t want to miss it.