Supply Pack Detected!

Have you ever been evading zombies like a boss, gone to wipe your brow and said to yourself “I wish I had an awesome Runner 5 sweatband”? Or got back from a great run, made yourself a cup of tea and thought “you know, there’s just something cooler my mug could be sitting on”?

Well, look no further – we’ve listened to your requests and have come up with something a little different: the Runner 5 Supply Pack, for $27.49!

These Supply Packs are a perfect way to plunge yourself even deeper into the universe of Zombies, Run! as well as complete your Runner 5 look! Each pack contains:

  • Runner 5 sweatband to keep your brow dry as you run for your life
  • Reversible silicone wristband – ‘Abel Runner 5’ on one side, ‘If Grey Destroy Brain’ on the other. Just in case…
  • Official Abel Township fabric patch, so you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve. Or your rucksack.
  • 32 page Official Runner’s Notebook for serious field research. Definitely no doodling.
  • Radio Abel mug coaster
  • 2 vinyl stickers (‘Semper Currens’ and ‘Radio Abel’)
  • 3 cool pin badges (‘Runner 5’, ‘Raise The Gates’ and ‘Abel Radio’)
  • 4 item-pickup magnets (Ammo, Antibiotics, Batteries, & Sports Bra)

These packs are on a very short run and there’s no guarantee we will be offering them up again, so we expect them to sell out!

*Which is probably yourself – and that’s totally cool! Also: use code ZRBLOG3 to get $3 off the pack, for a limited time only!