Half-Price Halloween Sale!

Q: Where do you go to buy zombies?
A: The Google Play of Apple App monSTORE!

To celebrate the most thematically fitting day in the Zombies, Run! calendar, we’re doing a half-price Halloween sale on both Zombies, Run! and Zombies, Run! 5k Training until Monday 3rd November.

Zombies, Run! – $1.99 (was $3.99)
Zombies, Run! 5k Training – $0.99 (was $1.99)




We’re DEADLY serious – get your scariest running shoes on this weekend and enjoy these SLASHED prices.

October 2014 Community Round-up

It’s that time again! Time to see what the Zombies, Run! community has been cooking up. We’ve got another packed edition of the community round-up this month, no doubt spurred on by the epic conclusion to Season 3. You’ve outdone yourselves!


Fawndolyn Valentine who, apart from having an incredible name, runs website HoneyInMyGears.com, has sent us this great piece of university coursework. It’s a comic based on Season One episode nine of Zombies, Run!: A Voice In The Dark. 

If you like what you see from the snippet above, make sure you check out the rest of the comic over at Fawndolyn’s website. It’s a great take on the episode, showing Runner 5’s inner monologue during the iconic Season One run. We’ve all been there. 


The fanart keeps coming in! Here we have Anna Lundstrom’s (StopFailing on Deviantart) great take on Runner 5. A nice colourful outfit helps you forget you’re living in a zombie apocalypse. Until you get home to the barbed wire fence and start washing the blood and guts from your clothes. Still, until then it’s a beautiful dream.


Back to the Tumblr mines now, with an awesome picture by Coyotewhispers. Not only does Runner 5 have a hint of Lara Croft about her, but she’s joined by a super fuzzy dog friend.

Or perhaps it’s the dog who is the true Runner 5… Four legs would certainly make avoiding zombies a lot easier.


From a canine to a feline, Runner 5s come in all shapes and sizes. This cat, owned by Tumblr user WitchAryllia, became possibly the littlest member of Able Township when she joined her owner on her Zombies, Run! mission. We’re happy to see that the game is being used not just to exercise humans, but their pets too. Zombies, Run! is nothing if not an equal opportunity app.

Kalimak fanart


We started with a comic depicting the events of A Voice In The Dark, and here we have a piece of fanart by Tumblr user Kalimak which shows the events that took place just before. “Take Evasive Manoeuvres” shows the ambush of Runner 5 during episode eight of Season One, drawn in a great sketchy black and white style. We love it! 


It wouldn’t be a Zombies, Run! community round-up without a piece by TheWondersmith. Here we see a portrait of Janine and her gold aura. It’s stunning work, as always. Looks like something you’d expect to see on a propaganda poster. “Able Needs YOU” style. Great stuff. 


Finally we return to Podcast Detected, the fan-run Zombies, Run! podcast. We featured them on the community round-up a few months back and now they’re looking for some help in order for the project to survive. 

So check out the Indiegogo page and see if you can donate a little bit of money to keep your favourite Zombies, Run! podcast on the air. Thankfully it seems the team has enough already to continue for a while, but giving more will mean more stretch goal prizes for the community!

As always, if you have something you’d like to submit for the community round-up, make sure you send it over to Jem@Sixtostart.com. We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Version 3.2 brings full compatibility for iOS 8 and more

Runners, check your app store! We’ve updated Zombies, Run! to version 3.2, which makes it fully compatible with iOS 8. Not only that, but those of you with the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus will notice the app has a newly optimised layout for your device. There are also a number of minor bug fixes and improvements to your overall experience.


Don’t forget that we’ve also got some new T-shirts available for a limited time on the Zombies, Run! Teespring store. This includes the Radio Abel hoodie, which we’ve also decided to reprint for a limited time in new colours, and the classic Runner 5 Halloween design.


These will be available, along with our awesome Zombies, Run! poster, until the middle of next week. Make sure you don’t miss out by ordering today!

Zombies, Run! community pledges to Stay Alive in October

For many of us October means the drawing in of nights, colder weather and a welcoming back of the spookier side of life. As if in celebration of all those things, Tumblr user Run Like A Zombie has put together a community fitness program called #StayAliveOctober.

Zombies, Run! fans are challenged to run as often as they can during the month of October, with regular updates to allow for support and recognition from other Tumblr users. As you’d expect, the community has accepted the challenge with aplomb. As if we weren’t proud of you all already.

If you’re interested, it’s not too late to start! Head over to Run Like A Zombie’s instructions post and prepare your introduction (like this one!). And make sure you keep the #StayAliveOctober tag updated with your progress (like this!) so we can see how you’re doing!

Exclusive new T-shirts and Posters!

We’re excited to announce a new set of limited-edition T-shirts and posters, just in time for Halloween, available on our pop-up Teespring store!


Our amazing artist, Estee Chan, created the designs, available as tees, hoodies, and even on sweat-wicking athletic gear! The zombie horde is on your heels and no-one is safe. Can you stay ahead of the pack and bring hope to the people of Abel Township?

And back due to popular demand is the ‘blood spattered’ Runner 5 tee, which makes for a fantastic (and let’s face it, pretty easy) Halloween costume!


Finally, we’ve created a limited-edition Zombies, Run! 3 poster!


Check out the Zombies, Run! Teespring store for full details on all of this gear, including sizing and colour info.

Be quick, though: these designs will only be available until October 14. After that, there’s no guarantee we will be offering them again!

US orders should arrive before Halloween!

Season 3 ends today

This is it. The epic finale to Season 3. The final episodes are now available to download and play. As ever, you can get your mitts on them through the Zombies, Run! app.

The last missions of Season 3 are named “Mambo Number 5” and “Sacrifice”. As usual, no spoilers, but we’re eager to hear what you think of them! Don’t worry, there are more adventures for Runner 5 to come. We’re in the early planning stages of Season 4, so stay tuned for more info as development continues in the coming months.

To get access to all previously released missions, you just need to purchase the relevant Pass from the Store. But surely you’ve already done that, right?

If you haven’t visited the Zombies, Run! Blog in a while, we have some recent posts you’ll definitely want to check out. Lead writer Naomi Alderman has written a guest post talking about plans for Season 4 and writer Matt Wieteska also discusses what it was like to write Radio Mode.