September 2014 Community Round-up

Ready for another selection of Zombies, Run! fan creations? We’ve got another bumper collection of stuff made by members of the Zombies, Run! community.

If you’ve got anything to submit for the next Zombies, Run! community round-up be sure to let me know at It can be anything from art to fanfiction to cosplay to… well, anything Zombies, Run! related! We can’t wait to see it.


Tumblr user VictorOlson has sent us a picture of their vision of Runner 5. Not only that, but Victor is logging her Zombies, Run! experience in character over at her blog. She’s pretty early into Season 2, so she’s got a lot of fun to experience yet! Fun and tears…


TheTalkingCrocus on Tumblr wrote an incredible open letter to us here at Six to Start, which you can find over on their blog. Her real-life tale of battling an anxiety disorder with the help of Zombies, Run! really struck a note with us. We’re so thrilled to hear of people using our app to better their lives, whether physically or mentally. Here’s a short excerpt:

I’m in a much better place mentally and physically now than I was when I started Zombies, Run!. Running has helped me to manage my anxiety disorder, has made me much more fit than I ever thought I could be, has turned me into an athlete who runs sometimes just because she’s bored.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write us that note, TheTalkingCrocus. We hope you’ll stick with us and continue to enjoy Zombies, Run! and our other apps in the future!



Zoe and Jack as you’ve never seen them before! TheWonderSmith’s latest painting depicts half of your favourite post-apocalyptic radio hosts. How do these fit with your headcanon?

Lizz from Podcast Detected was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. She accepted heroically and the video above shows her getting completely soaked in the name of charity. We’re happy to see fans doing such good work in our name!


A new challenger approaches! Here’s some artwork by Tumblr user Geisterschloesser depicting their own interpretation of Runner 5. We love it!


Here’s another new artist joining the fold. Tumblr user Silym is getting back into the game after a prolonged absence, but she returns to us with some artwork depicting the events of Season One mission one. Thanks Silym! We’re looking forward to seeing more from you as you progress through the story.

Crownleys returns with a sketch of Zoe and Lou, as requested by TheWonderSmith. We’re not sure who’s who, so we’ll leave that up to you to decide. Arm your headcanons!

And here Tumblr user MouseCarter42 has produced a painterly sketch of Eugene. Looking pensive and deep, but probably just annoyed at having to listen to Jack’s music collection instead of his own.

Rob Wright sent us this great spooky image of a ghostly Runner 5 and we don’t want to worry anyone but we’ve been having strange nightmares about being lost in the woods ever since… Thanks Rob!