Content Drop: August 27th 2014

We’re back into the swing of things now. Here are the latest missions of Zombies, Run! Season 3 (Part Three).

This week’s new missions are named “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)”, “Aquarius” and “Shoot the Runner”. As usual, no spoilers, but we’re eager to hear what you think of them!

To get access to all previously released missions, you just need to purchase the relevant Pass from the Store. But surely you’ve already done that, right?

Don’t forget to check the Zombies, Run! Blog for all the latest news, including all the details on our new game, Superhero Workout!

Superhero Workout: Motion-Tracking Home Exercise


We created Zombies, Run! to make running more exciting. Running is great, but it’s not the only way to keep fit. Bodyweight exercises like push-ups, jumping jacks, and squats are also essential for improving your health.

Except, like running, they can be super boring. Even the 7 Minute Workout becomes dull after a week — which is why we made Superhero Workout, a new game for iPhone and iPad.

Heroes Aren’t Born. They’re Trained.


In Superhero Workout, you’re pilot of the prototype AEGIS One battlesuit, Earth’s last line of defence against alien invaders. With our motion-tracking technology, your punches become plasma blasts and your abdominal crunches power your suit’s reactor!

Using your device’s front-facing camera, we can track every rep and every calorie of every exercise, allowing us to make a truly interactive workout game perfect for beginners and veterans alike.

20 Epic Missions

You’re the Earth’s last line of defence, fighting the aliens across land, sea, air, and outer space. Lead writer Matt Wieteska is the man behind Zombies, Run! fan favourite Radio Abel, and he brings his trademark humour and heart to the story and characters of Superhero Workout.

12 Rapid Workouts

We’ve taken the classic “7 Minute Workout” formula and supercharged it with bonus fast workouts that focus on different parts of your body. For the adventurous, there’s our Battle Workout mode – a dynamic, motion-controlled endless battle against aliens!


42 Bodyweight Exercises

Push ups and jumping jacks are great, but they can get boring. We’ve added mountain climbers, power squats, punches and more – and even better, none of them require any weights or special equipment!

Apple TV Support

Superhero Workout is optimised for Apple TV, so you can battle on a big screen while your device keeps track of the action.

You can grab Superhero Workout right now from the iTunes App Store for $4.99 (£2.99)!


More details are on the Superhero Workout website. You can also follow Superhero Workout on Twitter and Facebook.

P.S. Superhero Workout will be coming to Android devices this Fall!

Season 3: Part 3 is here!

We’re back! Zombies, Run! Season 3 Part 3 starts today. This is the final part of the season, leading towards the epic finale.

This week’s new missions are named “Interiors”, “Insane in the Brain” and “Love is a Stranger”. As usual, no spoilers, but we’re eager to hear what you think of them!

To get access to all previously released missions, you just need to purchase the relevant Pass from the Store. But surely you’ve already done that, right?

Over on the Zombies, Run! Blog you’ll find our latest Community Round-Up, as well information about our new game, Superhero Workout, which launches today!

August 2014 Community Round-up

It’s time for another Zombies, Run! community round-up? We’ve got some great stuff this month, from some old friends and newcomers alike.

If you’ve got anything to submit for the next Zombies, Run! community round-up be sure to let me know at It can be anything from art to fanfiction to cosplay to… well, anything Zombies, Run! related! We can’t wait to see it.


First up, we’ve got another piece by Kasha, aka TheWonderSmith, depicting Runner 6 and Janine. Despite being non-canonical fanservice (and therefore spoiler free), it’s another lovely painting.


Tumblr user llamacorn-productions has put together a Runner 5 cosplay outfit and kindly posted photos on her blog. No word on if she actually plays the game wearing the entire costume, but we’d like to hope so!

Check out the Tumblr post for more pics and detail on how the costume was put together.


Look at this! Tumblr user Bloodyancientbird has gone and created Radio Cabel co-hosts Jack and Eugene in the new Sims 4 Create A Sim demo. These are based on unofficial, semi-agreed upon fan designs of the characters. So if you’re thinking “Whaaaat! Jack and Eugene don’t look like that!” then why not make your own and show us what you think the characters look like.

Check out Bloodyancientbird’s blog post for more pics.


How’s this for dedication? Tumblr user akinthemiddle has gone and got themselves a Zombies, Run! tattoo! That’s hardcore. The design is a really cool tribute to Runner 5. A really cool, permanent tribute. We’re honoured!


Sam Yao really loves Marmite, isn’t that right neegeecorn? This painting must take place in Sam’s dreams, because we’re pretty sure Marmite jars that size don’t exist. Or has Sam been shrunk down? Either way, this seems like a surefire way to develop a hefty stomach ache. But before then, Sam’ll be in yeast extract heaven.


Remember the clay models of the Zombies, Run! cast sent to us in the community care package in January? It looks like Zalia’s at it again, with a new version of Sam Yao featuring the Radio Abel logo on his hoodie. Clearly he’s a big fan.

Sam’s been on a journey down to London with Zalia as she leads Zombies, Run! panels at Nine Worlds conference and LonCon, featuring writers Naomi Alderman, Rebecca Levene and more.

Check out Zalia’s blog post to see Sam enjoying a pre-apocalypse Costa.

Google Glass review

A review of Zombies, Run! for Google Glass! If you’re lucky enough to own a Google Glass and haven’t tried out the bespoke version of Zombies, Run! we made for it (and why haven’t you!) check out what Tumblr user Hirvimaki says about it.

…And one more thing, something that isn’t from our community!

We’re about to launch our new home exercise game Superhero Workout this month, so check it out for a sneak preview. You can sign up for a newsletter at the website or follow the game on Twitter to stay up to date with all of our announcements!

New Zombies, Run! missions arrive August 20th!

We’re almost at the end of the second mid-season hiatus for Zombies, Run! 3. The third and final part of Season 3 will be released from August 20th. That’s less than a week away!

There are another seven weeks of content drops left in Season 3, during which we’ll be furnishing you with a total of twenty new missions. That makes Season 3 of Zombies, Run! 60 missions long – longer than two full-length TV show seasons. That’s a lot of zombies!

We hope you’re enjoying the ride and are looking forward to the epic Season 3 finale. Any predictions? Theories? We’d love to hear them!