Zombies, Run! Season 3 launches in April


Since the launch of The Walk in December, we’ve had our heads down fixing bugs, improving the game, and preparing part 2, which came out this week. But this is the Zombies, Run! blog, and so we’re happy to say that we’ve also been hard at work on Zombies, Run! Season 3.

We’re delighted to announce that Season 3 will be launching this April! We’ll let you have an exact date as soon as we know one.


Season 3 will bring changes for the people of Abel Township. They’ve got a huge adventure to undertake to rescue their friends – and as ever there are plenty of zombies in the mix, their grasping fingers and gaping maws longing for Runner 5’s flesh. Excitingly, once or twice this season, some crucial decisions will be down to you, the player – choose wisely, for you hold Abel Township in your hands.

And on the app side, as well as several new features including detailed statistics, the return of the new and improved codex, and new sharing options, we’ll be redesigning the interface, making it much easier and faster to use. All the things you loved about Zombies, Run! will still be there, plus a host of new awesome options we’re still yet to reveal!


Before launch, we also wanted to give our iOS users an important heads-up: with ZR3, we’ll now require users to have iOS 7 or above. This lets us make the best app we possibly can, using all the features of the new iOS to the full. If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 7 yet, this is your shuffling, zombie-moaning wakeup call!

Well over 90% of our iOS users are currently running iOS 7+ and almost 99% have devices capable of running iOS 7. If you want all the cool new features of ZR3, upgrading to iOS 7 is the way forward. But if you just can’t do that yet, don’t worry, since ZR2 will still work and be available for redownload for iOS 6 devices. That way you won’t lose a single day of running away from terrifying zombies!

Stay tuned for more exciting details about Zombies, Run! Season 3 in March and April!

Image credits: The amazingly talented Azisa Noor.