Six to Start at Nine Worlds GeekFest


Will you be attending Nine Worlds GeekFest in August? In case you’re unaware, it’s a London-based convention focused on all things geeky. From board games and video games to sci-fi and fantasy books, TV shows and movies. The best part? Some of the Zombies, Run! team will be speaking there!

There are three panels featuring Zombies, Run! team members and they all take place on Sunday, August 11. Firstly, Indie War Stories features the CEO of Six to Start, Adrian Hon, and centers around what life as an indie developer is like. Expect tips and tricks for budding indie devs from Adrian and his co-panelists.

Next up is our lead developer, Alex Macmillan, who will be speaking on the Disabilities In Games panel, during which he will discuss how disabilities are represented in the industry, as well as how developers can take measures to make sure their games are as accessible as possible.

Finally, Zombies, Run! co-writer Rebecca Levene will be on the Race In Games panel and will be discussing diversity within the medium, with a particular focus on how race is represented in games.

For more info on these panels, and the Nine Worlds GeekFest convention as a whole, make sure you check out the official website. We hope you’ll join us for what should be a great event! If you make it to any of the panels above, don’t be shy; come and say hello! We’d love to meet you.