Collecting materials in Zombies, Run!

Following extensive feedback from our players, today we’ve made a change to the way you collect materials when you play Zombies, Run! – you can now earn one material for each Season One mission that you complete.

When you upgrade, we’ll automatically add on materials for every Season One mission that you’ve already completed.

You need two things to develop your base in Zombies, Run! 2 – “supplies” (which we show with a satchel icon) and “materials” (which we show with a spanner icon).

As in Season One, you collect supplies randomly as you run. The more you run, the more supplies you collect – it’s that simple.

Materials, however, are only awarded when you complete missions, and if you play the mission a second time, the reward will be smaller. We want your base to steadily grow as Season 2 progresses, so this is our mechanism for preventing players from playing the first Season 2 mission a bajillion times and building an impenetrable uber-base before they’ve even reached the mid-season (when things may get more challenging for the citizens of Abel Township…)

However, many of our new players got in touch with us to tell us that this system seemed unfair – they had 23 Season One missions to catch up on, and with no new materials, couldn’t develop their base. We agree that this sucks for new players, so we’ve made it possible to get materials for completing Season One missions too.

As of iOS 2.1.1 and Android 2.0.5, both released today, the material rewards are as follows:

First time you complete a Season Two mission: 3 MATERIALS
Second time: 2 MATERIALS
Third time: 1 MATERIAL
Thereafter: No more materials! Play more missions!

First time you complete a Season One mission: 1 MATERIAL
Thereafter: No more materials! Play more missions!

Already played a bunch of Season One missions?

No problem, we’ve got your back. When you upgrade to Android 2.0.5 or iOS 2.1.1, we’ll give you a bonus material for every Season One mission you’ve already completed – just check into the base builder and get building.

We hope this improves your Zombies, Run! experience. Thanks for playing with us!