Accessibility Update

Hello, Alex from the dev team here again.

We are almost beside ourselves with excitement to be launching Season 2 with all-new iOS and Android apps tomorrow.

But first I’ve got bad news for people looking forward to the full VoiceOver support that we promised on iOS for Zombies, Run! 2 – it will not be available in tomorrow’s update. Instead, we will be making good on our commitment for full VoiceOver support in version 2.1, which we will release AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after April 16th. If you depend on VoiceOver to play the game, you should hold off on updating until 2.1 is out, when we will have made the game fully accessible.

Here are some of the questions you may have about this, answered:


I am genuinely sorry! In brief, the reasons are: we are a very small development team, and we had some unexpected late challenges in making the app fully accessible. The “schematic view” base builder was all but complete at the time that we wrote about our VoiceOver plans, however, we then discovered that our mission list was inaccessible in VoiceOver mode because of the way the new interface handles swipe and tap gestures.

The remainder is just a matter of the brutal realities of software development. Apple review every app that goes into the iOS App Store by hand, and this process can take many days. If your app fails review, you must fix the app and then submit it for review again. To be sure that the app would be ready for April 16th, we submitted it over a month ago. This meant we didn’t have time to fix the new VoiceOver issues we’d discovered.

Why couldn’t you have told us sooner?

Because there was a chance that, if the app failed its first review, we might have been able to add the VoiceOver support in a follow-up submission.

So what have you been doing this past month?

Finishing the Android application! It is looking great, and I’m really pleased with how many features we have packed into 2.0. What’s more, because we can publish new versions of the Android app as fast as we can write them, we have a slew of new features coming out in updates over the next few weeks.

Also, I’m thrilled to announce that the development team is now one developer larger. Mohsen joined us two weeks ago and hit the ground … running … if you’ll excuse the pun. His first contributions to the project were to fix those outstanding VoiceOver problems.

You can’t submit a new version of an app to Apple while a version is waiting to be released. Therefore we will be submitting version 2.1 to Apple the moment 2.0 is out of the gate.

Why can’t you give us an exact date for version 2.1?

Because of the App Store review process. However, the good news is that, with ZR2.0 coming out tomorrow, we can put 2.1 into the review process right away. We will not be messing around here.

What about accessibility in the future?

We are not shying away from this commitment. With our expanding developer team and our fast-improving knowledge and experience with VoiceOver technology, we intend to ensure that every part of Zombies, Run! continues to be accessible to as many people as possible.