Zombies, Run! Windows Phone update – and some difficult news

We’ve just released a new maintenance update for the Windows Phone version of Zombies, Run! This will fix a lot of problems users have been having with the app and will make it much more stable longterm. Bug fixes include:

  • mission progression unblocked
  • base-building improved
  • ZombieLink syncing kinks ironed out
  • pause/resume functionality fixed
  • various other usability and stability enhancements

Sadly, we have some difficult news too. This update is going to be the final Zombies, Run! release for Windows Phone. We were delighted to be able to bring Zombies, Run! to Windows Phone and we really hoped that we’d be able to support continuing development.

Unfortunately, both financial and technical reasons mean that we can’t justify further time investment in the Windows Phone version at this point. It’s very disappointing for us, and was a tough decision because we don’t like to let our players down. Windows Phone users, we’re sorry, but for now it’s only viable for us to focus on iOS and Android.