Team ZR (Adrian on the treadmill, Alex running the ‘puters) was hard at work this morning gathering data to improve accelerometer mode.

The reason why we don’t have zombie chases in accelerometer mode yet is because it’s hard to reliably figure out how fast you’re running based on the motion detected by the accelerometer. For one thing, there are differences in how people hold their devices (on an armband, in their pocket, etc.) so we need to look at all the possibilities.

We’re hoping to have an experimental solution out soon, but to be totally honest, it’s not something that we think we’ll nail perfectly on our first try because it’s a tough problem, so we hope you can be a bit patient – but don’t worry, getting this working is one of our top priorities!

In other news, we’ll be posting here more often about our upcoming plans so you don’t need to keep checking Kickstarter/Reddit/Twitter/email etc. to see if we’ve said anything new or important!

And, appropriately enough, that is a box of sports bras in the foreground…!

Thanks to Sweatshop Clapham for letting us use their treadmill!