It’s Almost Time

The full story is on our Kickstarter page, but in short:

Barring any major disasters (e.g. asteroids, zombies, Apple, etc.) we are going to launch the iOS version before the end of this month. So, even if that means 29th February – and we hope it’s sooner – that’s just over two weeks.

Just imagine – two weeks until you too can be running for your life from zombies and saving humanity. It’s been a long journey, but we’re nearly there now! Also,

  • We are into full swing in production of the T-shirts, and they should be going out later this month.
  • We have also received all the posters, and they’ll be going out this month or next month.
  • Our celebrity voice casting is still on hold, but will resume again when the game has launched (partly because that’ll make it more likely for them to return our calls!)
  • We’re in the early stages of scripting the Couch to 5k and Interval Training add-ons.