Statistics: it works! These are the aggregate figures on how many of our Kickstarter backers have registered on our new ZombieLink website and have made ‘zombie groan’ noises after less than 24 hours of it being up. No doubt we’ll be getting more zombies mumbling at us this weekend…

Special Guest Voice votes

We asked our Kickstarter backers which special guest voices they’d like to see in the game – here’s the results of the first round:

Nathan Fillion 224
Felicia Day 149
Simon Pegg 99
Bruce Campbell 83
Neil Patrick Harris 70
Wil Wheaton 67
Samuel L. Jackson 46
Morgan Freeman 35
George Romero 32
Patrick Stewart 31
Stephen Fry 31
James Earl Jones 25
Christopher Walken 24
Ellen McLain 24
Bill Murray 22
Mark Hamill 22
Nick Frost 20
Alan Tudyk 19
David Tennant 18
Jennifer Hale 17
Andrew Lincoln 16
Patrick Warburton 15
Alan Rickman 14
Nolan North 14
Donald Glover 13
Eliza Dushku 13
Hugh Laurie 13
Sean Connery 13
William Shatner 13
Adam Baldwin 12
Woody Harrelson 12
David Hayter 11
Ron Perlman 11
Seth Green 11
Stephen Merchant 11
Chris Hardwick 10
Summer Glau 10

In the second round, we asked backers how much they wanted each individual voice. More info here…