We’re joining the Global Climate Strike on September 20th

On Friday September 20th, Six to Start will be carrying out a company-wide strike action in support of the Global Climate Strike. During this time, we will not be responding to any support tickets, social media messages, or other contacts, and will not be carrying out any work.

The climate crisis we’re facing is an existential threat to our species, and to life on this planet. We at Six to Start feel strongly that it’s our responsibility to do whatever we can to meet this threat. By striking, we hope to add our voices to the calls for immediate and effective climate action, and to encourage others to do the same.

In our work, we spend a lot of time thinking about global catastrophe, and about humanity’s response to such events. We’re proud to present fictional worlds in which disaster is met with solidarity, with kindness, and with hope. The stories we tell reflect in part our belief that we are strongest when we act together, and that belief informs our decision to strike.

We encourage everyone reading this post to join us in striking on September 20th.