New Subscriptions Price Rise

Change is coming

Attention, Runners Five! Beginning from Monday May 13th 2019, we’ll be increasing the price of all new Zombies, Run! subscriptions, as detailed below. These price changes will only apply to new subscriptions; if your subscription begins before that date, these increases will not affect you unless you allow your subscription to lapse without renewing it.

  • New Annual subscriptions will increase from $24.99 USD to $34.99 USD
  • New Monthly subscriptions will increase from $3.99 USD to $5.99 USD

Legacy subscriptions will be unaffected by these pricing changes, as will all active subscriptions begun prior to Monday May 13th.

Since we first created Zombies, Run!, we’ve been committed to striking a balance between affordability and sustainability. We want to make a game that will reach as many people as possible while also ensuring we’re able to continue supporting it to the standard we believe our players deserve. That’s why we put our prices up only when we believe it’s necessary to make sure we can keep giving Zombies, Run! the attention it deserves, and why this is our first price increase in over two years.

Increasing the cost of new subscriptions allows us to increase the resources we can dedicate to improving Zombies, Run!, and to creating a wider range of the amazing content you love to run to. We believe our new subscription prices still represent great value – less than ten cents per day, or the cost of one cup of coffee per month! We hope you’ll agree that your time at Abel is worth it.

Stay safe out there!